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C2 Study Tour 2019

Welcome to the three day immersive event that will transform the way you do business!

“C2 with InspiredView last year definitely had a “WOW” effect for me. The whole setting, the keynotes, the interactive workshop and the exciting contacts – C2 sprays with creative spirit and stimulates. An extremely cool environment for new business ideas. Attention: Danger of addiction!”

Giovanni Putignano

Business Development Manager, Microsoft Switzerland

C2 Montréal 2019: TOMORROW

How will you shape TOMORROW?

“We’re all concerned about the future of our career, our organization, our children and generations to come. The future feels distant, unknowable, uncertain. Tomorrow, on the other hand, is upon us.

Today’s business leaders must equip themselves with the knowledge they need to stay relevant. Now is the time to rewrite the rules of the game.

Get ready to discover the work of innovators, connect with fellow leaders and risk-takers, experience cutting-edge design and technology, and get out of your comfort zone. This year’s edition offers cutting edge content across five cross-industry tracks: Shifting perspectives, living in ecosystems, cultivating innovation, moving audiences and the next frontier.”  –  C2 Montréal, 2019.

Exclusive STUDYTOUR with InspiredView to C2 Montréal – May 21-24, 2019

Welcome to the three day immersive event that will transform the way you do business!

Join the GENNEX team of InspiredView together with a diverse group of Swiss entrepreneurs on a fascinating trip to the most creative business conference in US/Canada: C2-Montréal “TOMORROW”. It will change the way you do business. Guaranteed!

C2 is a yearly business conference that attracts more than 7’000 creative leaders from around the world.Co-designed by Cirque du Soleil, it is designed to mix commerce & creativity and is frequently awarded «best business conference in US/Canada». The C2 approach consists of creating an immersive environment that takes you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to learn, connect and experience beyond your imagination.


Package & Price: 2’690.- CHF excl. MwSt, including exclusive added-value:

  • May 21-24: 3 Day Pass C2 Total Experience.  
  • May 21: Optional Montréal city tour with artistry in leadership workshop + welcome dinner.

At your individual expense:

  • Flights, transfers and hotel; food and beverages (except 1 networking dinner).

Value-add Team experience:

  • Pre C2 training (call) to maximize your value @C2.
  • Collective Mission Workshop with C2/InspiredView facilitators.
  • Group lab experience: moderated atypical brainstorming environment.
  • Connect Squad: curated productive meetings and one-to-ones with participants.

Booking and more information:

  • Visit the C2 Montréal Website @c2montreal.com for speaker + detailed program.
  • Register by mail using the form below – we get in contact with you asap. We hope you will join us!

C2 was the inspiration and partner conference of GENNEX 2018 (co-founded by InspiredView GmbH).

Download the English Flyer as PDF here: Flyer_InspiredView_C2

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