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Here we go again. In a recent meeting with a corporation I had that feeling, experience again. The company was very vocal about the change they need to go through. Everyone was enthusiastic about transforming the company, about becoming the next big thing in their industry. Everyone were clear that transforming for the digital industrial revolution was fundamental to survive, fundamental also to their customers and stay relevant.

I felt happy. Finally an organization which appeared to understand the importance and were not only speaking about it. Did I found the perfect showcase of a company understanding the importance AND the foundations to make it a success? Did I found the leaders of large corporations which have the right mindset to successfully lead a corporation to succes? Leaders who understood the imperatives of being disruptive before being disrupted?

But then these question is a meeting: “how do we create a scorecard for this project” and “how do we ensure that all innovations are driving immediate ROI?”

You don’t…

I was shocked, paralyzed and realized once more that the absolute foundation for any company is to have the right attitude, the right mindset.

If you, your company or your leaders don’t have the right mindset, understanding the core principle of the industrial revolution driven by cultural disruption, you won’t transform. You will only put a mask on your old model and pretending that you have changed. This might be successful for a period, especially if cash reserves are full, but it won’t be sustainable.

Your attitude, your behavior will be reflected in every type of activities, engagement and will be visible one way or another and your customers will find it. It is like you’d pretend, that you care about environmental sustainability but let let produce your products in a factory polluting completely the environment.

You, your organization has to adjust culture, mindset and attitude reflecting the the new cultural changes driven by gen Y & Z. Failing doing so will just generate a fake transformation like on the set of a movie where buildings are not real but just fake.

Don’t try to bring 3rd industrial revolution behaviors, patterns into the new world. Don’t try to measure everything in a scorecard, don’t try to make every innovation a success.

Work as a network not as a hierarchy and trust the collective intelligence of it. Accept that not every innovation won’t succeed, but take these failures as a success, a success for learning. Read more on these organizational and leadership capabilities here.

Succeeding in the 4th industrial revolution starts with the right attitude and mindset. Do you have it? Share with me your experience or connect here to get a free introduction call on the 4th industrial revolution and it’s imperatives.

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