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Exclusive: C2 Montréal 2018

Welcome to the three day immersive event that will transform the way you do business!

C2 is a yearly business conference that attracts more than 6’000 creative leaders from around the world. It is designed to mix commerce and creativity and is frequently awarded «best business conference in US/Canada».


It is time to see business from fresh perspectives!

GENNEX is an uniquely immersive and interactive conference designed to help leaders catalyze innovation to transform their business and win in a digital world.

Over two days, a diverse group of corporate executives, experts and market influencers will go on an inspirational journey engaging in small group discussions, collaborating with peers and solving shared challenges

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No technology religion, no business-model religion!

Few powerful points by Satya about Building Culture on Purpose, the benefits of Customer empathy to innovate and the call for a non-zero-sum approach to Digital Business Transformation. Don’t allow Technology Religion, nor Business Model Religion – stay open minded!”

“Clients care about solutions, not apologies”

New Research shows: Empathy has limits when dealing with customers, a Problem Solving Attitude seems to influence customer satisfaction more sustainable. But is your strategy really enabling employees act as problem solver across all customer touch-points? Check it out!

Why “dealing with change” is becoming a defining element of corporate culture.

Leaders have become accustomed to the concept of steady change to stay in business. But the sheer scale and pace of change, complexity involved, together with its highly unpredictable direction, requires an entirely new mandate: the success of digital transformation depends on a corporate cutlure that embraces change and a leadership communication style that is inspiring and empaphatic both to the insides as well as to the outside of the company.

In a world where everything is changing, the biggest risk is standing still

We live in an age of disruption — when new technology and behavioral shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago are transforming the way we live. Understanding the full impact of disruptive trends begins with analyzing disruption through its root causes — technology, globalization and demographics — and asking the right questions.

Four Principles for leading into the next Industrial Revolution

Four Principles that can help senior executives navigate the uncertainties of the next few years or decades; Rethinking the Business Model, Design for customers, Focus on Purpose and Outcomes and Redefine Excellence for Mindset and Technical Acumen.

Five ways to lead in an era of constant change

Have you noticed, that when people talk about change they drive in their personal life, they are often really energetic. And what about when you hear people talk about change or even transformation in their organization? Why are they thinking more about "cost-cutting"...

Culture for a digital era

Risk aversion, weak customer focus and siloed mind-sets – in a digital world solving these cultural problems is no longer optional.

DIVE  –  workshop series

[ bespoke. ]

Are you tired of paying for classes and instructors trying to fill you brain with “stuff” ?

InspiredView DIVEs give you stories to remember and put things in context.

[ targeted. ]


Don’t trust consultants who tell you that technology will change everything!

This introduction to the Digit:Now Method puts your company strengths in the middle and enables you to use “Digital” targeted for your purpose.

[ rewired. ]

Do you believe you can bring in the magic of creativity into your organization?

Exclusive: Boris Verkhovsky (Director of Design and Performance Development) will be guiding us through the interactive workshop “Creating on a tight wire – From Vision into reality”


Leaders have become accustomed to the concept of steady change to stay in business. But the sheer scale and pace of change, complexity involved, together with its highly unpredictable direction, has created a entirely new challenge:

That’s leading into tomorrow’s unknown.

As transformation coaches, we INSPIRE, CHALLENGE and ENABLE executives and organizations to lead their business through transformational change. We are not consultants, but coaches. As your coaches we are working on your fitness to lead through constant change.



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